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 Broad spectrum of metal working equipment including fully equipped machine shop, sheet metal shop, Ironworking and welding shop.
 Large capacity band saws serviced by 45 ft. x 250 ft. outdoor crane runway, (10 ton capacity)
 Large weld/assembly area. (70 ft. wide clear span x 210 ft. serviced by three 10 ton bridge cranes)
 CNC angle punch line (Automated punching, chopping, marking of angle iron)
 CNC plasma cutting, high def., large work envelope (10 ft. x 34ft. table)
 CNC Drilling/milling, large capacity (24" x 100" table)
 Heavy plate forming (400 ton brake press)
 CNC Plasma HSS and structural drilling and coping line (3 ft x 60 ft feed conveyor)   
 40’x 70’ Sandblasting and painting shed
 Galvanizing plant

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